Name: Tillimey | Tilli
Pronunciation: tii-lii-mhay | tii-lii
Age: 27
Born: Summer, 225AE
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Craft: Journeywoman Healer
Rank: Aspirant


  • Healing Hands - a touch based empathic ability which allows Tilli to sooth pain and encourage healing
  • Eye Colour Change - Tillimay's eyes change through slightly different shades of grey


  • Play-by - Portrait Workshop
  • Height - 5'10"
  • Build - Lean
  • Eye Colour - Grey
  • Hair Colour - Blond

General - Tilli is a decently tall woman, with a lean figure and good muscle tone from turns of lifting patients.

Skintone - Pale, with a good tan from spending time outside.

Scars - Mostly the small nicks and cuts of every day life, though her hands are often stained slightly red-brown from redwort use.

Hair - A very light blond, Tilli wears it long. Usually she keeps it braided back while working, but she'll often allow it to hang loose when she's off duty.

Body-Dominance - Right

Clothing - When not wearing her work clothing, Tillimey likes loose and flowing clothing, usually in darker colours.



  • Dragonkin
  • People


  • Words


  • Open
  • Honest


  • Wears her heart on her sleeve
  • Romantic


  • Loosing a patient

Tilli is an open book, the sort of person who is very easy to get to know because she hides very little about herself. She does tend to downplay her intelligence and achievements, often heard to be protesting 'anyone could do it' about things which certainly not anyone could do. Beyond this, however, she is generally a fairly self-confident woman, secure in herself and her skills.

Although she initially joined the healer hall out of a sense of duty and family history, Tillmey quickly discovered a natural talent for the work, as well as an enjoyment in the challenge of diagnosis and treatment. She finds a great sense of fulfilment in helping others.

A romantic at heart, Tillimey has had only a few relationships, all of them quite serious. She's not one for casual dating or romance without prior emotional investment, which makes her pool of choices rather limited at times.

Relationships & Family


Age 0 - 225AE

  • Tillimey is the firstborn child of a pair of healers, from a long line of healers and the healer hall adjacent.

Age 4 - 229AE

  • Jayson is born.

Age 12 - 237AE

  • Tillimey apprentices as a Healer

Age 16 - 241AE

  • Jayson refuses to apprentice as a healer, instead becoming a Smith
  • Tillimey seeks out a firelizard egg, so that she can keep in easy communication with her brother. It hatches a Brown she names Smoke, for his brown-grey colouration.

Age 19 - 244AE

  • Tillmey walks the tables as a journeywoman and is immediately assigned to Southern Hold.

Age 27 - 252AE

  • Tillimey is in the stands when her brother impresses to Copper Branwynth.
  • Tillimey accepts an offer to go to Dawn Castle as an Aspirant for a Drak.
  • While at Dawn Castle, Tillimey bonds to a Wing Fairy Drak. She names them Zephyr.
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