Sylden and Imperial Purple Saniyath
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Jm. Geneticist
Rank Weyrling
Gender Female
Species Imperial Court
Colour Purple



Name: Sylden
Pronunciation: sil-dehn
Age: 28
Born: Late Spring, 224
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual

Craft: Journeywoman Geneticist (Healer)
Rank: Candidate

Slowed Ageing - Sylden is so far the only one of Isyldi's children to inherit her decreased ageing.


  • Play-by - Agne Petkute
  • Height - 5'8"
  • Build - Slender
  • Eye Colour - Green
  • Hair Colour - Black

General - Sylden is a slender and slightly awkward looking woman, with pretty but ultimately forgettable features.

Skintone - Pale

Scars - Sylden bares a few stretch marks from her adolescence and beyond that has only the minor marks of day to day life.

Hair - Thick, black and perfectly straight, Sylden keeps her hair long, brushing down at the bottom of her rib cage. It spends a lot of time pulled back into a bun of strict braid to keep it out of her work and when off-duty she likes to let it hang free, despite the inevitable tangles.

Body-Dominance - Right

Clothing - She generally prefers to dress simply. Shirt and shorts, or long pants depending on the weather. Fancy things are reserved for when she needs to make an impression, or when her mother is visiting.



  • Dragonkin
  • Puzzles


  • Formal events
  • Not knowing something


  • Problem-solving
  • Focused


  • Hyper-fixation
  • Restless


  • Forever being overshadowed by her mother
  • Creating an abomination

A curious personality, there is nothing Sylden likes more than getting to learn new things or explore new places. She's well known among her friends for sneaking into places that she's not meant to be, just to see what's there. She can be quite adventurous, getting caught up in the excitement of the moment, the thrill of whatever it is she's doing.

Easily bored, Sylden needs to be kept occupied. She doesn't take well to being idle, always needing to be doing something with her hands or her mind. Waiting is definitely not one of her strong points. There's a restlessness to her, a need to be actively engaged at all times.

She's a rather social person and gets lonely quite easily. Avira helps some with this, the little skitter rarely found far from her side, but her pet isn't exactly a great conversationalist. She does have a bad tendency to take over any group she's part of, gravitating towards positions of leadership and authority without any real conscious thought being involved in the process.

Relationships & Family

Isyldi - Mother, Gold Karynoth, Weyrwoman of Fort - Sylden knows her mother cares for her, but their relationship has never been especially close. Isyldi can be quite controlling of her offspring, and Sylden more than most.


Age 0 - 224AE

  • Sylden is born in Fort Weyr, daughter of it's long term werywoman, Isyldi.
  • Is passed over to a wetnurse, and then the creche, as soon as possible.

Age 5 - 229AE

  • Sylden breaks her arm after being pushed by some of the Weyr's boys

Age 12 - 236AE

  • Begs to be allowed to apprentice as a Healer. It takes some time to wear down her mother, but eventually Sylden is allowed to leave the Weyr and enter the Healer Hall.

Age 14 - 238AE

  • Her interest in technology as a part of the healing process and how the body works on the microscopic level, gains the attention of the Master Geneticist during a lecture the man is making on a visit to the Healer Hall.
  • Is offered a place in the genetics program at Landing Tech-Hold. Immediately accepts. Less than a handful of apprentices are accepted each turn and to be offered a position and not take it would be, in Sylden's opinion, the height of foolishness
  • Isyldi is displeased at Sylden leaving the protection of Fort's influence.

Age 18 - 242AE

  • With a queen egg on the Fort sands, Isyldi demands that Sylden come home and stand for it, even if the egg is the 'lesser' benden bloodline.
  • The Master agrees and sends Isyldi back to Fort, with the understanding that if she fails to impress, she will be returning to Landing
  • Gold Wrenth chooses a young woman named Zihuea and none of the other hatchlings look Sylden's way. She returns to Landing, and her work, with only minor regrets.

Age 20

  • Graduates as a Journeywoman Geneticist

Age 22

  • Impresses an obsidian skitterlizard. Sylden names her Avira.

Age 28

  • Agrees to a meeting with Zihuea and her weyrleader R'lan.
  • The idea of other worlds is a little fantastical, but the Dawn Watch leadership has proof which is difficult to deny. After a couple of days to think, Sylden agrees to be their candidate for the Vella Crean offer.
  • Sylden spends her time at the Vella Crean reading every bit of information on genetic engineering she can get her hands on, and trying to sneak into the labs to get a better look at how their work is done.
  • On the day of the hatching, Sylden is the first to impress, bonding to Imperial Purple Saniyath.




Name: Saniyath
Pronunciation: sah-nee-yath
Species: Imperial Court
Colour: Purple
Gender: Female
Rank: Monk

Parents: Genetically engineered from Clan Vecira
Origin: The Vella Crean

Speech: Looks like this

Verbal Speech - Saniyath is capable of vocal speech as well as telepathy
Fire Breath - Saniyath does not need to consume Firestone in order to breathe fire
Fire Balls - Saniyath can spit large balls of fire and also summon them with magic
Venom Bite - Saniyath is venomous, delivering her neurotoxin via two short hollow teeth at the front of her mouth.
Elemental Magic - Saniyath has a measure of control over all elements, though fire and air are the ones which come most naturally to her
Extract Aspects - Upon contact with an opponent, Saniyath gains an instinctive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses
Mystical Erudition - Saniyath has a photographic memory and clearly recalls everything she has heard or read.


  • Colour Codes - #A8909D | #7D6169 | #937682 | #662D50 | #90734C
  • Size - 12’6" High | 50’ Long

A beautiful creature, a pleasant lilac in hide colour, with deep warm purple colouring her sails and crest. Dark rosettes colour her face and back, as well as all four paws.




Protector | Friendly | Intelligent | Encouraging | Patient

Relationships & Family




Name: Avira
Pronunciation: ah-vee-rah
Species: Skitter
Colour: Obsidian
Rank: High
Gender: Female
Owner: Sylden

Parents: Out of owned Electrum by owned Obsidian
Origin: n/a


  • Colour Codes - #1B1B18 | #E9C764
  • Size - 13"

She's an average sized Obsidian, her sleek smooth skin and rounded sides speaking of good care. Her dark hide is marked with a double row of golden spots along her spine, a shade which also colours her toes and headknobs.


Cautious | Amiable | Quick

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